Advantages of the Vertical Workflow | VFlowERP™ Mobile Application

Import Export Mobile App: Vertical Workflow mobile access allows your team to view and enter sales orders, purchase orders, shipping documents, product management,  reports, and customer information right from their smartphone or tablet browser.


import export mobile app

Interactive screen

Product Management

The product management module allows users to see products, default sales prices, costs, and packing dimensions right from their application. This allows sales reps to easily enter sales orders based upon products offered.

Commercial Invoices

Generating Commerical Invoices and Packing Lists does not need to be complicated. VFlowERP™ keeps the process seamless.

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Customer Relationship Management

The CRM module allows you to look up customer information like address, phone numbers, and credit limit. You can also add new customers right there. The user can create Inquiries, Quotes, and Sales Orders by logging in to a customer portal. You can view the past pricing and look up sales orders history for specific customers.

Sales Orders and Quotes

It’s now easier than ever to create sales orders or quotes for customers from anywhere. You can not only select products and set terms, but you can also notify the office of any current sales orders or quotes that are being created. They can also create and send documentation on your behalf. Although SO and Quote information is being entered into the system, the order must still be ‘Issued or Approved’ by someone in the back office.

We were asked by a sales rep recently if we could give him the ability through the application to approve orders so he can “Issue Sales Orders on the Beach”.

Vertical work flow login screen

Vertical workflow login screen


The Admin module allows you to view order history and vessel tracking. Now sales managers will know exactly what container is coming in and when. This allows site managers to have the most current logistics data in the field.

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