Step by step instructions to import Goods In to USA Guide For Commercial Importers

Step by step instructions to import Goods In to USA -A Guide

Importing products into the United States is a complex process. Instructions to import Goods In to USA there are many factors that an importer needs to know and be aware of prior to undertaking this process. Any shipment that is brought into the US through any method of transportation is subject to the import laws such as duty taxes and fees. The approval of Customs and Border Protection(CBP) is mandatory for all imports of products through a procedure that can differ depending on the nature of the goods or the country of the country of origin.

Instructions to import Goods In to USA

If you’re just beginning to importing into the United States, there are a lot of u.s. import rules, restrictions, and rules to be aware of. Here is a quick outline of what you need to know to import products.

An importer or buyer in the United States purchases goods that are shipped to him by scheduled modes of transport (Ocean Freight and Air Freight).

The shipper gets the bill of lading that serves as a receipt. It is required by the importer to record an entry with CBP.

In accordance with ISF (Importer Security Filing) also known as 10+2 regulations, Electronic Cargo Declaration must be sent to CBP within 24 hours of the time loading the shipment onto the vessel. This assists CBP in determining if the cargo needs to be inspected on the arrival.

After the shipment has arrived and the CBP accepts the clearance, the containers will be temporarily stored on the shipyard.

The importer gets notified of the containers, and the information about pickup is shared.

instructions to import Goods In to USA


The importer or the importer of record (the buyer, owner, or an authorized broker in customs) is now required to provide entry documents to CBP at the point of arrival. The formal application for the release of customs. The importer may submit these documents on his own as the owner, or employ an agent for customs. Customs Brokers are authorized by CBP and have experience in executing the import process. A list of Customs Brokers is available at

Entry documents have to be submitted on the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) System within 15 days from the date of arrival. The importer might need to provide additional documents for the entry of goods, based on the specific situation.

One document that is required to clear customs depending on the type of entry includes The Customs Bond (required for formal entry, for items with a worth of greater than 2500USD)

If a product is selected to be assessed, CBP will inspect the shipment to determine if the items are legal. If any inconsistencies are discovered and the items are deemed to be inadmissible, they will be held and seized. In certain instances, the importer can be permitted to export the goods again.

After the goods have been accepted for entry, the documents for entry summary are recorded and the estimated duties must be paid in the 10 days from the date of entry at a specified customhouse. The most important document used in this procedure will be CBP Form 7501. In addition, all other invoices or documents required to evaluate the performance of your employees or gather statistics should be submitted.

The importer can now take the goods to an address that has been set up by the shipper or himself.

In certain situations, CBP can introduce a review which could lead to duties being refunded and additional duties or the need for additional documentation based on the outcome of the review

The final step of the procedure is Liquidation. It is a post-finalization on the assessment for duty done by the CBP.

The process of entry is considered to be complete, and the importers must keep all documentation for a minimum of five years. Instructions to import Goods In to USA

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