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VerticalWorkflow is a fully integrated software solution designed for import Export Business. This Management Software for Import Export Companies specialized is landed cost calculation, shipment and inventory tracking, as well as document generation and management etc.,

The import export business is arguably one of the most complicated and specialized industries that exists in the world today. While there’s no doubt that the business is fascinating and can be exciting, it also is presented with some unique challenges that few other industries face. Working with vendors and suppliers from around the world means dealing with language barriers, delivery and shipment problems, and a plethora of other issues that need to be resolved each and every working day. Considering the number of external challenges facing an import export business, it’s extremely important that your internal operations are as efficient and streamlined as possible, and there’s no better way to ensure this than by choosing the right importer software for your company.

ERP (enterprise resource planning) software is designed to address virtually every aspect of modern business: from finance and accounting to human resources to sales and marketing to inventory management to product distribution to customer and vendor relations and more. When choosing the right import export software for your company, it’s vital to find one that addresses the special needs and the unique challenges of this industry, including one that will:

1. Keep track of product inventory around the world
2. Forecast market demand for product
3. Plan and anticipate how and when your company will meet the demand for product
4. Maintain consistent communication with vendors and customers
5. Ensure dependable, timely delivery of product
6. Provide superior customer service
7. Ensure that adequate quantity of product is purchased – enough to fill customer demands but not so much that you’ll end up with excess inventory
8. Make the Inventory delivery schedule easily visible to both Importers and suppliers
9. Ensure that the delivery schedule is easily revised
10. Anticipate and identify future delivery problems and address these issues by notifying customers of possible delays, encouraging vendors to speed up delivery and expediting delivery of goods with the quickest cargo method available
11. Ensure accurate land cost handling to address issues involving duty and large amounts of freight

Our mission is to simplify the trade management and logistical needs for large and small global traders.

What if…?

A few years ago, Joe Tatis, the founder and CEO of NexGen Medical Company, went looking for a simple, integrated SaaS solution capable of satisfying the needs of his global import/export business.

He came up empty and asked himself, “What if I were to create one?”

And then he did.

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Meet The Founder

Joe Tatis knows tech.

Early in his career he held Systems Engineering and Operations positions with Microsoft, AT&T Labs and Stand Sure Systems. Today, in addition to presiding over the NexGen Medical Company, he’s the Managing Director of Silicon Valley Developers whose premiere offering is…

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