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A Simple Software Solution

You need continuous, real-time access to your data to make informed decisions and thrive in the import/export business. Vertical Workflow’s VFlowERP™ platform satisfies the gamut of your business intelligence requirements.


Are you achieving your objectives? With VFflowERP, you’ll keep close tabs on your company's key performance indicators objectives.


When the status of an order changes, you receive dashboard and SMS notifications to take fast action.


Robust reporting enables you to analyze sales and financial trends.

Business Intelligence (BI) is an innovation driven interaction for examining information and conveying significant data that helps leaders, directors and laborers settle on educated business choices. As a component of the BI cycle, associations gather information from inward IT frameworks and outer sources, set it up for examination, run inquiries against the information and make information representations, BI dashboards and reports to make the investigation results accessible to business clients for functional dynamic and key arranging.

A definitive objective of Business Intelligence drives is to drive better business choices that empower associations to build income, work on functional productivity and gain upper hands over business rivals. To accomplish that objective, BI joins a mix of examination, information the executives and revealing devices, in addition to different techniques for overseeing and dissecting information.

How the business knowledge measure functions

A business insight engineering incorporates something beyond BI programming. Business insight information is commonly put away in an information stockroom worked for a whole association or in more modest information shops that hold subsets of business data for singular divisions and specialty units, frequently with binds to an undertaking information distribution center. Moreover, information lakes dependent on Hadoop bunches or other huge information frameworks are progressively utilized as archives or landing cushions for BI and investigation information, particularly for log documents, sensor information, text and different kinds of unstructured or semistructured information.

BI information can incorporate verifiable data and continuous information assembled from source frameworks as it’s produced, empowering BI instruments to help both vital and strategic dynamic cycles. Prior to it’s utilized in Business Intelligence applications, crude information from various source frameworks by and large should be coordinated, united and purified utilizing information incorporation and information quality administration instruments to guarantee that BI groups and business clients are investigating exact and steady data. Contact Now Vertical Workflow.



Create proforma invoices based on client approved estimate requests.

Landed Cost Analysis

Provide product landed cost analysis based on current duty rates, the value of imported goods and transportation costs.

Container Capacity and Optimization

Calculate carton quantity and weight distribution to maximize container volume and minimize shipping costs.

commercial invoice

Company Dashboard

Access company's Key Performance Indicators with rolling year to previous years sales figures, sales chart trend analysis, cycle lead time scatter plot, sales by product category graph, accounts receivable aging report, and more.


Clients can access the customer portal to create, submit and approve estimate requests to their sales representative or administrator.

Shipping Documents

Generate Commercial Invoices and Packing Lists based on shipping documents requirements.

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