Conoce a VFlowERP™ y dile adiós a la complejidad del comercio global.

Saluda a la plataforma ERP económica basada en el Cloud que simplifica cada aspecto de tu negocio de importación y exportación.

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Mira Esto!

Observa un recorrido de las funciones claves que hacen que nuestra plataforma de gestión de comercio global VFlowERP™ sea mucho más eficiente.

Nuestros Planes de Precios Flexibles

VFlowERP™ | Esenciales

Hasta 10 Perfiles de Cliente
  • Pequeña Empresa Independiente
  • Ubicación Regional Definida
  • Demandas Operativas Ajustadas
  • Basado en el Cloud
  • Aplicación para iOS y Android

VFlowERP™ | Pro

Hasta 25 Perfiles de Cliente
  • Empresas de Escala Rápida
  • Operaciones en varios Países
  • Demandas Operativas Ajustadas
  • Basado en el Cloud
  • Aplicación para iOS y Android

VFlowERP™ | Empresarial

Hasta 50 Perfiles de Cliente
  • Adquisiciones Corporativas
  • Ubicaciónes Global
  • Operaciones Grandes y Complejas
  • Basado en el Cloud
  • Aplicación para iOS y Android

Industrias Reconocidas

A Simple Software Solution


The Vertical Workflow software is a cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform that simplifies the import-export business by vertically integrating and managing organizational processes, including necessary communication, information, and documentation, all in real time.

  • KPIs

    Keep track of your company's key business objectives with dashboard KPIs.

  • Notifications

    Dashboard notifications are displayed when an order status changes and alerts user to take action.

  • Reports

    Analyze sales and financial trends with the reporting tool.

Ahh, seamless integration

Now you can manage sales and logistical operations without juggling disconnected applications. VFlowERP™ empowers you to deliver cohesive processes to your clients, sales team, administrators, and manufacturers. 


Automatically generate invoices based on approved estimates.


VFlowERP™ makes it easy to create estimates. A customer portal makes it easy for clients to request and approve them.

Company Dashboard

Access your KPIs with a robust and customizable dashboard featuring sales data, trend analysis, cycle lead time scatter plot, accounts receivable, and more.

Container Capacity and Optimization

Calculate carton quantity and weight distribution to maximize container volume and minimize shipping costs.

Landed Cost Analysis

Your product landed cost analysis can be calculated based on current duty rates, the value of imported goods, and transportation costs.

Application Advantages

Custom Site Branding
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Logistics Platform
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SMS Text Notifications
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Sales Rep Gauge Metrics
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Our cloud-based ERP Platform integrates with client, sales, manufacturer, and administrator modules to access and manage sales and logistical operations.


Features & Benefits


Keep track of client and vendor payments through the Accounts Receivable and Payable tools and reports.

Vessel Tracking

Locate your containers through a GPS Vessel Tracker.

cloud erp for import export


Generate Commercial Invoice and Packing List shipping documents for import-export regulatory compliance requirements.

erp for import export

Digital Library

Easily generate and upload logistical documents to the platform's digital library for reference.

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