SaaS based ERP for Import Export: ERP has always been considered a tool that enormous organizations use to manage their complex business structure. Small businesses on the opposite hand, with their simpler business process and limited operation fund, were never considered potential candidates for enterprise resource planning software. It had no scope till date in small and medium business arena. But with the business conditions changing globally and therefore the demand for transparent, integrated, business process growing, SMBs are now readjusting their position with ERP implementation. Cloud ERP software development added a replacement angle to the entire context.

It’s been observed that the business challenges faced by small businesses during this intermittent economics are almost like that of huge organizations but the sole difference is that SMBs have less resources and fund to battle things . This leads to unorganized business process, lost business opportunities, inefficient inventory management, unclear business goals and inadequate business insight. Small firms, to thrive within the competitive environment and to enjoy competitive edge over competitors, need smart business process management, which may be achieved through implementing SaaS based ERP for Import export system within the organization. This shift focused for ERP market made entrepreneurial ERP vendors to take small business as a possible marketplace for enterprise BI solution.

The situation changed further with the introduction of cloud. Cloud computing solutions have brought enterprise technical advancements within the reach of small businesses. Which were initially considered patented products of huge software vendors became available to small buyers with the introduction of open source technology. Cloud offered the platform where those applications are often developed and tested before being marketed.

Cloud ERP software development and adoption became popular because:

The multi-tenant, shared platform structure has made it possible for developers to access improved development platform without taking the difficulty of investing in infrastructure development. you’ll now simply develop an application on cloud and store it there to be accessed by users.

The software stored within the shared platform also liberated the users from hosting the software in-house, which suggests no upfront or recurring expenses on managing network and server equipments.

Cloud ERP solutions have made the method of accesing software easy. SaaS ERP solutions are often accessed on web browsers and don’t require elaborate integration plan. The customization solutions allow users to personalize the interface and integrate it with existing enterprise application suite.

These solutions are highly configurable – allowing users to personalize the appliance , but at an equivalent time free the users from the nightmare of updating the software. With SaaS solutions the service provider shares the responsibilities of upgrading the software and making the updates available to users.

It also looks like a logical decision for corporate embracing mobile enterprise strategies. SaaS solutions aren’t code heavy, which make them ideal to urge deployed on mobile internet devices during a BYOD setup.

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Product Management

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Features & Benefits

Company Dashboard

Access company's Key Performance Indicators with rolling year to previous years sales figures, sales chart trend analysis, cycle lead time scatter plot, sales by product category graph, accounts receivable aging report, and more.

Container Capacity and Optimization

Calculate carton quantity and weight distribution to maximize container volume and minimize shipping costs.

Landed Cost Analysis

Provide product landed cost analysis based on current duty rates, the value of imported goods and transportation costs.


Create proforma invoices based on client approved estimate requests. with pre defined templates and modules, a good and handy invoice tool


Clients can access the customer portal to create, submit and approve estimate requests to their sales representative or administrator.

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