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cloud based Global Trade ERP

VFlowERP™ | Enterprise



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Plan Description

The Vertical Workflow software is a cloud-based Global Trade ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform that simplifies the import-export-trade business by integrating and managing organizational processes, including necessary communication, information, and documentation, all in real time.

Plan Features

  • Administrator Module
  • Admin Main Dashboard
  • Client Module
  • Company Analytics & KPIs Dashboard
  • Sales Module
  • SMS Text Notifications
  • Manufacturer Order Management Portal
  • Order Shipping Schedule
  • Client Management
  • Cycle Lead Time Plot
  • Estimate Management
  • Landed Cost Analysis Tool
  • Invoice Management
  • HS Code Lookup Tool
  • Product Database Management
  • Container Volume Optimization Tool
  • Financial Transactions
  • Products Reporting Tool
  • Vendor Purchase Orders
  • Sales & Client Reporting Tool
  • Activity Log Tracker
  • Sales Gauge Metrics
  • Email Notifications
  • Global View Dashboard
  • Digital Documents Library
  • GPS Vessel Tracking
  • Logistics Document Viewer
  • Generate and Manage Telex Releases
  • Generate Commercial Invoices
  • Generate Packing Lists
  • Online Video Tutorial Support

cloud based global trade erp

cloud based global trade erp the trade and service– acquainted establishments, If there’s a line of business where associations differ in homogenizing processes. Because the companies operate on a design– by- design base, they face challenges in managing multiple processes, people, and tasks at different locales and find it hard to maintain uniformity. Businesseslarge or small, if not suitable to overcome these challenges, would substantiation reduction in productivity. Focus Softnet provides pall– grounded ERP systems for trading, professional service providers similar as logistics businesseslaw enterprisesdesign operation companies and further. With their comprehensive modules, these results give smart and perceptive reports to manage finances, strategies and planning. These service establishment software results give design operation a new description with their capabilities to manage colorful operations in multiple locales using a unified database. high Assiduity enterprises compass creep is presumably the topmost fear of any trade and service– grounded association. It’s frequently seen that a design starts in a certain way, takes a different shape as it progresses. This is due to inefficiency in exercising the available data and coffers to manage business operations effectively. In the following, we explore some of the most common challenges that businesses from the trade and service assiduity deal with. Crucial Benefits Of Using ERP Software For Your Business ERP makes your business run smoother by automating processes and producing easy– to- understand features. The benefits of ERP software in an association go beyond making your day– to- day operations more effectiveBelow are the major benefits you would witness by enforcing ERP systems at your business. Important ERP Modules Our ERP results serve you with a strong trade and service operation modules with features that insure productivity, effectivenessthickness and quality control. An effective ERP software provides real– time data by enabling better decision timber.